Duplex Houses

In Duplex Houses, two contrasting parts that are white walls and wooden surfaces. Textual contrast along with beautiful color combination enhances the appearance to create a cold atmosphere.  Wooden surfaces add warmth to the décor and balance the creativity of powers. We design for Modern and cozy duplex, Duplex with wood and white, Similar duplex, Black and white duplex interior designs etc.,

Individual Homes

Our majority of customers fall in this category.  No matter what you expect for, we will give you more than your expectations.  We believe in our letting our work speak. We have elaborative residential and commercial designs for individual homes look classy and elegant.

Farm Houses

Our designers have elegant training in designing your farm houses that could represent country charm. We design Rooms that perfectly embody farmhouse style.  You don’t need to live in barn fields, you suppose to feel as if you are enjoying country charm with our farmhouse decor.


Even if you are short on space, low on budget and big on style we make your dreams come true. Our designers help you with great sculptural void which connect you with sunlight to invade into the space and create different visuals.